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ArtSites.com Domain Name for Sale

[Apr 9, 2016] ArtSites.com, ArtSites.net and ArtSites.org domain names are for sale. ...read more

Artist Web Services: Major Update for Artists

[Nov 15, 2006] If you are an artist who is serious about representing your art on the Internet, we're trying to make it as obvious as possible for you to consider ArtSites as your first choice in a Web Developer. ...read more

Upgrade to XHTML Strict

[Sep 25, 2006] Returning visitors may notice some recent changes in the ArtSites.com website. Most noticeable might be the look of the site, but the new graphic design is a tiny part of what's new. The biggest upgrade, by far, is that the entire site has been rewritten in XHTML. ...read more

ArtSites Client Backup Program

[Sep 5, 2006] ArtSites has added a new and powerful feature to its offerings. All websites develop by ArtSites now include a Client Backup Program. With a single click, you can back-up your entire site. ...read more

ArtSites Disaster Recovery Strategy

[Aug 8, 2006] The menu name for this news article is Aster because a proper disaster recovery strategy makes even that which most might call a disaster into an event that is easily taken in stride, removing the 'dis' from disaster, leaving only the aster--a shining star. ...read more

A New Day At ArtSites.com

[Aug 7, 2006] ArtSites.com has recently recovered from a disastrous server crash. Most of our content is quite old because recent backups of the website were also lost due to other issues. ...read more

The Cobbler's Kids Get Shoes

[Dec 29, 2004] For the past several years, ArtSites has focused all of its attention on developing some darn nice websites for independent artists. And all of our efforts have gone into that. The benefit to our clients is that ArtSites can now deliver a very powerful Web presence to artists, and we can do it with great economy. ...read more

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by Linda Pence

Watercolors by Linda Pence