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Art Sites specializes in providing Web services to independent artists. Because of our specialization, Art Sites is able to deliver a full and very powerful suite of services to artists that meets their exact needs, and we can do it with great economy.

Art Sites serves artists, only.

By focusing our attention exclusively on developing websites for artists, Art Sites is able to provide artists with features that are exactly what they need. For the same reason, we are also able to provide our services at a fraction of the cost that a general provider might have to charge.

If you are an independent artist—especially a visual artist—it is very likely that we can give you a better value for your dollar than could a Web developer who attempts to be everything to everybody. To better appreciate the economic and other benefits of our approach to developing websites for artists, please see Why To Choose Art Sites Web Services

What you can expect from us.

All artists have much in common, but the quality that especially stands out is their individuality! As well as we think we understand the needs of artists, we make no presumptions about the needs of individual clients. Before we do a lick of work for you, we'll take the time to understand your individual needs and requirements. For more details, please see our Website Development Process page.

Make your website complement your art.

A fundamental Art Sites philosophy is that you and your art should be the focus of attention for visitors to your website, not the website itself. At the same time, your website should represent your character and implicitly carry forth your art's motif. This includes far more than simply the graphic design for your website. In our Website Development section we paint a complete picture of the many considerations involved, organized so they may be perused stroke by stroke, as you please.

Present your art as you see fit.

Perhaps the most compelling feature included with every Art Sites developed website is the Administration Pages that come with it. These private pages allow you to easily manage the content of your website yourself—no special skills required. The greatest expense of any successful website is maintaining the content and keeping it current. For that reason alone, the Administration Pages that we will include with your website can save you a lot of money. Having the ability to tweak a bit of copy or the size and other qualities of an image with only a few clicks of your mouse can also be a great emotional savings.

Promote your website for best results.

Once you have a gorgeous website that well-represents your art, what good is it if no one sees it? Not much. What kind of promotion your website will require in order to succeed depends largely on the results that you expect from it. If you wish for your website to be only a reference for the convenience of established clientele, simply including your website address on your business cards may be all the promotion you need. However, if you wish for your art to be actively sought out and found on the Internet, that requires special expertise in website optimization and promotion; something you can entrust to us. Whatever your promotional needs may be, see the Art Sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website Promotion section for how we can help.

Let us do everything for you.

Our mission is to provide independent artists with everything needed to appropriately represent their art on the Internet. Because we understand that many artists are necessarily on a strict budget, we strive to provide you with tools and information for taking the mystery out of developing, maintaining and promoting a successful website while incurring as little ongoing cost as possible. As with every subject, however, letting your focus drift from what you are really good at and knowledgeable about in order to become your own webmaster can lead to a false economy. If you wish to keep your attention fully on your art and let us fully manage your website (or anything in between), we can do that.

We serve your website quickly and reliably.

Art Sites also hosts the websites that it develops. For security and reliability, our servers are located in high-end and geographically distinct datacenters. Our servers are not clogged with hundreds of websites as is the case with so many website hosts. And no other websites besides those developed by Art Sites are hosted on our servers, minimizing the risk of intrusion. All of this ensures that your website will be quickly and reliably delivered to visitors. For more details on our hosting plans, please see Art Sites Hosting.

What does it cost?

Generally, it's possible for us to get you online with our Web Presence Package for as little as eight-hundred dollars. Once we have talked one-on-one, we will have a clearer picture of your individual needs, make some recommendations, and we'll go from there. In the meantime, the costs of our services are outlined on the Web Services Costs page.

How long will it take??

We are sensitive to whatever scheduling requirements you may have, and we'll do what we are able to accommodate them. From initial contact until your finished site goes live typically takes about four to six weeks. Much sooner, maybe within a day or two after your commitment, we'll have something publicly viewable for you, whether a Coming Soon page or even an image of an existing brochure. After our initial consultation, when we have a better idea of your particular needs, including scheduling, we'll do what we are able to meet them.

Let's go!

After you have taken a good look at Art Sites, please contact us if you have any questions at all. When you are ready to go, the Getting Started page outlines the kinds of things that we'll need from you in order to get your website online with a running start.

Featured Artist:

Plein Air Art
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Plein Air Art by John Larner