ArtSites Costs and Fees

Art Sites' fees are structured so that you know right up front how much your website is going to cost you even way down the road, helping you prepare a valid budget. We also focus on creating feature-rich websites that you can easily maintain yourself, as you wish, when you wish, so that payment of recurring maintenance fees is not necessary if you choose to do all the maintenance yourself. This means that most of the costs involved in having Art Sites develop your website are one-time fees. The only essential recurring costs are annual domain name renewals and nominal hosting fees.

The second column of the below cost schedule reflects a 15% discount if the feature is included with your initial order.

One Time Fees
Web Presence Package$640$640
Additional Pages$60$51
100's of Pages$460$391
Dynamic Galleries$480$408
Show Calendar$240$204
Links Pages$240$204
News Pages$280$238

All of the above prices are one-time fees. To save you a little money, we will apply a 15% discount to all features beyond the basic Web Presence package when they are included in your initial order. For example, our fee for the basic Web Presence package is $640. If you know from the start that you want to include the $480 Dynamic Galleries package, we'll discount that by 15%, $408, for a total of $1,048. Beyond that, use the listed costs more as a guideline of what to expect rather than as a hard line. After we've had an opportunity to consult with you and learn your exact needs, we'll see what kind package proposal we can put together for you to provide you with the best possible value.

When shopping for a Web designer/developer, there are surely others who might get a website online for you at a lower cost than Art Sites can. Down the line, however, there is almost always a very high price to pay for those low, initial, start-up costs. Most important are the maintenance costs for keeping the content of your website fresh. Further, many do-it-yourself schemes quickly turn into bewildering messes, and for websites that can only be maintained by your webmaster, low initial design fees are often followed by monthly maintenance fees that are as much or more than the initial website! So, it's wise to beware of that.

Recurring Fees
Annual Hosting - 50MB/1G $160
Annual Hosting - 200MB/2G $225
Annual Domain Services $30

Our 50 megabyte Web Hosting includes one gigabyte of bandwidth per month, which should be more than enough unless you want a very large galleries of images. Should you need more, our next hosting level allows up to 200M of storage and two gigaytes of bandwidth at $215 annually. Overages on monthly transfer (bandwidth) is $1 per gigabyte. Annual plans are 90% of that.

If that all sounds like Greek to you, don't worry about it too much. The bottom line is that you would need to have a quite large and highly trafficked site before you were ever touched by such additional hosting costs...a good "problem" to have.

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