Domain Name Registration and Renewal

We also recommend that you register your own domain name, like, so visitors can find your site more easily. If you would like for Art Sites to take care of that for you, we can manage all of the details for you. When we register a domain name for you it will be registered in your name, so you are the owner. We'll also manage the domain name servers for your domain and include email services so you can receive email at

Be wary of having a third party register a domain name for you because some unscrupulous parties will register the name in their own name, and you might never know it until your site is well developed and highly promoted—and then you discover that you're at their mercy. If you wish to register your domain name yourself, you may, but if you are not familiar with redirecting it to the appropriate nameservers to find your website on our server and setting up email associated with the domain name, it may ultimately be easier and less expensive to have us do it for you..

Also beware when a webmaster or host offers to register and maintain your domain name for "free" in conjunction with other services, as many do. It's wise to research what other long-term costs they may be hiding from you. Art Sites doesn't hide any costs from you.

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Pottery and ShoholaBells by
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