Website Development Process

Art Sites follows a six step development process to carry your website from conception to a vital Internet presence.

Knowing your needs is number one.

Why do you want or need a website? Who do you want to visit your site? What do you expect from your visitors? The more definite your answers are during this free consultation, the more accurately Art Sites can help you. When you contact us for a consultation, we'll want to know everything you can tell us about your business and goals so that we can help you represent your art on the Internet as fully and accurately as possible. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a languishing website, whether you have firm ideas about the direction of your website or are undecided on your path, we'll learn all that we can from you to provide the services that you require.

Sketching a scheme for you is next.

After taking in all of the information that you provide to us, Art Sites will develop a plan to meet your needs—and more. Throughout this phase, our consultations will continue as needed, answering questions as they arise, addressing needs and exchanging ideas. And far beyond that, we'll also deduce important questions that you may not have even thought to ask, and we'll provide answers and propose solutions to those issues as well.

Finally we'll refine and affirm the plan.

Throughout the planning process, you may be as large a part of the team as you wish. And if you want to leave it all to us, we'll keep you updated on our progress. We'll put up a temporary website where you will see the progression of developments and our reasoning behind them. This will help to ensure that we are on the right track. Once the design plans for your website have all come together and been refined, we'll then ask for your final approval.

It's time to make it real.

Now it's time to cast the plan in stone. That doesn't mean that things can't still be changed. Of course, they can. But the entire process is akin to building a house, and once the coding process has begun, making changes can be like moving a load bearing wall after construction of a house has begun. When the coding is complete, we'll add the initial content and do extensive testing to ensure that everything works as planned and will look good to every visitor who comes.

Perform the promotional plan.

The big day has arrived. Your site is online, ready for visitors! Where will they come from? Well, that's part of the reason we asked so many questions way back in the initial consultations, and we'll offer guidance for implementing your website's promotion within your general marketing plan or we'll begin implementing the promotional plan for you if you have contracted for one. Actually the website design, itself, both graphic design and structure, will have been somewhat dictated by the promotional intentions for it. Beyond that, all Art Sites developed websites come with some promotion features by default. For example, if you are counting on traffic from search engines, Art Sites will have optimized your site to be very search engine friendly. Also, please don't submit your site to any search engines or directories without consulting with us. There can be many caveats regarding such submissions, and we do that for every website by default, too.

Navigate the necessary maintenance.

To keep visitors and search engines interested in your website and to grow their numbers, it's important to keep your website up to date, providing visitors with fresh content. The powerful administration pages that are included with your website will make the management of your content very easy. The administration pages also include tools to help optimize your copy. If you need help with copy writing or image editing for new content, our services are available. Even if you are a confident copywriter yourself, you may wish to run your copy by us before including it on your site. Writing copy for the Web is somewhat different than for other media, and it can be a false economy to do it all yourself if you don't know the differences.

In any case, it's your website, and we're here to help you achieve your goals for it—whether you simply need occasional advice on promotion and maintenance, you want us to do it all for you...or something in between.

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