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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not necessary to making a functioning website, but it is necessary to make your site as compelling as possible to the search engines, thus raising your ranking in their eyes. The good news is that whatever you do to make your site more compelling to the search engines will also make it more compelling to your regular visitors. In the old days there used to be some conflicts between the two, but search engines have become so sophisticated at targeting websites that represent the information that their own visitors are looking for, there is no longer such a conflict.

As it is, the administration pages provided with your Art Sites website include tools that will help you optimize your pages and make them search engine (and visitor) friendly. For example, each time you edit the copy of a page, the administration page that you use for that purpose will test all of the words in your copy against the list of keywords that you intend for the page to be about—and it will "applaud" you or warn you, accordingly.

But SEO is a huge and sophisticated subject that can be a very significant and ongoing expense, depending on what is important to you, how deeply you wish to study the subject, yourself, and whether you prefer to have someone else do it for you. Art Sites doesn't claim to be SEO experts—and we'd say to be wary of anybody who does! The search engines don't tell anyone exactly what they are looking for in a website because too many people have tried to dupe them too many times when they have been more open about it. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to keep the claimed experts on their toes, and in many details it's anybody's guess how to best optimize a website in order to keep it search engine friendly. We do like to stay on top of the subject, however, and there are also many important and sound general principles that we adhere to.

How important SEO is to you is entirely up to you and your purpose for your website. Many of our clients justifiably don't much care about SEO. Their sites exist mostly as references for established clientele. If your purpose for your site is to attract new clientele, however, SEO can become a big deal. In any case, we're here to help if you wish. By default, we'll make sure that your initial home and biography pages are well optimized when your site goes online. Beyond that, we can write optimized copy for new pages if you wish, or we can review copy that you have written and make suggestions for improving optimization.

When we put a new site online and have everything just right, we also, by default, submit it to the major search engines and major free directories. Beyond that, the general promotion of your website is up to you or someone else who you hire unless you wish to retain us to help you with it. We'll be preparing some articles to give you some good tips on website promotion. In the meantime, please check with us before buying into any promotional schemes offered by others. For one example, don't spend money on one of those schemes that offers to submit your website to 2,000 search engines each month. Not only is it a waste of money, it can often do more harm than good. The initial submissions that we will make for you is usually enough. If your site has good content and link popularity, the search engines will be all over you all on there own, and redundant submissions to them will only be a red flag to them.

In the end, we're always happy to advise on your promotional needs, and we can quote fees based on those needs for ongoing SEO and other promotional services if desired.

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