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When you are ready to proceed, contact us. Include your phone number on the contact form and a good time to call, and we'll get in touch at your convenience.

Once we understand the gist of your needs by speaking to you in person, we'll send you a preliminary proposal. When that looks good, you should be prepared to send us some materials to work with: Your logo, preferred color themes and some pictures of your work. Also some initial copy for your home, biography and contact pages. Some links to other sites that you like, will also be very helpful in ascertaining your tastes. Better yet, if you have already envisioned a design scheme, make a sketch. Copies of any printed literature, postcards, etc. that you might send out to prospective clients will also help us in determining how to proceed. That, along with 50% of our Web Presence fee ($320) will get us started.

We'll then put up a couple or three graphic representations of possible design schemes for your website, tweak your favorite according to your input, and ask for your approval before we commit anything to Web code. When we get your go-ahead on the graphic design, your fees for hosting and domain name registration or repointing will become due as well as 50% of the remaining balance. This will ensure that everything is in place when your website goes live. In the meantime, we'll do all of the necessary coding to make your website look and work as promised. And when your website goes online, live, the remaining balance will be due.

Each website that we develop is custom made. Throughout the development process, as we learn more about your needs, we'll provide you with more specific details and material requests than are outlined above. The above is just to sketch out the general scheme to help mitigate any surprises as we begin developing your website and to help ensure that Art Sites is able to make the most effective website possible for you.

The thing to do right now is to Contact Us. The sooner you do that, the sooner you'll have an Art Sites website for representing your art!

Featured Artist:

Plein Air Art
by John Larner

Plein Air Art by John Larner