ArtSites Websites: More than Pretty Faces

Creating a successful website requires close attention to many details. While a catchy graphic design can be important to the success of a website, an effective website requires more than a pretty face. When Art Sites develops a website for you, we'll focus on making it easy to use, easy to find and easy to maintain. Continuing the pretty face analogy, we'll make a website for you that also has a happy heart, healthy soul and hearty body—a website that people will want to be around.

Start with a foundation.

Our Web Presence package is the foundation of all websites that Art Sites develops. It includes everything you need to establish a presence for your art on the Internet. We make a custom graphic design for your website, write the behind the scenes coding that will make it look good on all browsers, include as much copy and as many images on five pages as you please. The package also includes a set of powerful but easy-to-use administration pages that permit you to manage the content of your site, as you please, when you please. There are also traffic statistics pages so you can keep count of your visitors and know where they came from, and a self-backup feature that let's you keep a portable copy of your entire publicly viewable website on your own computer. For more details about all of that and much more, see our Web Presence pages.

Make your website as large as you like.

If you want to add more pages to your website, Art Sites offers two ways to do it. If you need only an additional page now and then, just let us know and for a nominal fee we'll do the necessary work to add Extra Pages for you. If you plan to build a very large website, we can also provide you with our 100's of Pages feature. Either way, each of your new pages will also include its own set of Administration Pages so that you can control their content just like those in the Web Presence package.

Add endless galleries.

Most artists want their websites to include at least one gallery page. If you need only a virtual gallery to represent the themes of your art without the need to update it too often, one of the five pages included in Our Web Presence package can be used as a gallery page.

If you wish to divide your art among several galleries that provide highly refined display features and administration features that make them a cinch to maintain, Art Sites's Dynamic Galleries is the way to go. It will let you create as many galleries as you please. It also makes variously sized and cropped versions of each image uploaded to it for a range of purposes on your website and lets you add detailed information about each subject. It also includes a Gallery Home Page where a visitor may choose between galleries and also allows you to include links or contact information for other virtual or real-life galleries where your art may be viewed. See our Dynamic Galleries page for an overview of it's rich set of features.

Show off your shows.

If you display at many art shows a Show Calendar that offers details of events where prospects can view your art and meet the artist is a nice feature. One of the pages included with your Web Presence Package could be used as a calendar page. However, Art Sites has created a Show Calendar feature that makes maintaining a calendar of events very easy. It also automatically displays all of the information about each show in a consistent format that suits the design of your website. See our Show Calendar page for more details.

Including a links page on your website can be important for a couple of reasons. One is that it will make visitors grateful if the links you provide help them find resources that are useful to them. What is even more important, however, is that a links page can be a powerful aid to increasing your own link popularity, which can in turn cause a dramatic rise in your search engine rankings and targeted traffic to your website. There are many caveats involved with exchanging links with other websites, but our Links Pages and their administration pages have all the bases covered.

Announce what's new.

One of the friendliest things that you can do for returning visitors to your website is to provide a place for them to see what's new since the last time they visited. They wouldn't be returning to your website if they weren't already enthusiastic about your art, and it's much better to tip them off about where to look for the latest thing rather than letting them become frustrated searching around for something in vain. Search engines like to see new stuff, too. See our News Pages section to discover the many other benefits of including a news page on your website.

Write your friends a letter.

Why wait until prospects happen to return to your website before they discover what's new? Our newsletter feature will let you send them eNewsletters directly from your administration pages. This feature includes a public page on your website where visitors can subscribe or unsubscribe to your mailing list and a privacy policy page. If you already have a mailing list of people who you send announcements to, you can easily add it to the eNewsletter mailing list on your website. Then with a click you can send everyone a personalized bulk mailing when appropriate. See our Newsletters Feature for more details.

Open an online store.

For selling your art online, Art Sites provides a range of tools for creating an online storefront that meets your exact needs. Our store feature requires that the Dynamic Galleries (described above) be in place. There are many considerations when planning a Web based storefront, and the complexity and expense can be significant depending on your exact requirements. The simplest and most economical scenario is to accept credit card payments through an organization like PayPal or 2CheckOut, which bypasses the expense of setting up and maintaining a secure server and all of the critical processing that must be done there.

Just do it...or don't: maintenance.

The very powerful set of administration pages that we provide with each website will permit you to maintain and tweak your site to your heart's content. If you don't have time to do even that, however, we'll be happy to do it for you, and we'll propose various options for you during the planning phase of your website. To whatever degree you may wish Art Sites to maintain your site for you, because of the power offered by the administration pages, we'll be able to make very quick work of such tasks, resulting in lower maintenance fees than many other webmasters would have to charge.

What more could there be?

Many other features are possible. The sets of features outlined so far are those we've found most useful to the specific needs of artists. We are continuously developing new features and upgrading old ones. If you'd like to see something that isn't outlined here, just ask. We tend to stay away from bleeding edge technologies that inflict visitors with the need to "upgrade" their computers in order to "properly" view a website, but we can code practically anything to create any kind of custom page you wish.

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