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Most artists also want their Web presence to include a gallery of images to represent their art. A gallery isn't included in the Web Presence package only because it is entirely possible to use even one of your "sandbox" pages to create a gallery page. For far more power and ease of use and maintenance, however, we offer Dynamic Galleries. This feature requires the Art Sites Web Presence Package.

Seamlessly integrated with your website.

Art Sites' Dynamic Galleries feature will be seamlessly integrated, consistently carrying your design theme throughout your website. Subjects added to your Dynamic Galleries can even be included on other pages of your website, as simply as selecting them from a list.

Create any number of galleries.

Dynamic Galleries allows you to create any number of gallery pages and categories simply by typing in a name for a new gallery and clicking a button. Your galleries may be easily renamed at any time and may be individually made to appear in public menus or kept private, simply by checking a box on your Gallery Administration pages.

Upload and organize images of your art.

Dynamic Galleries allows you to upload images from your computer, assign them to various galleries individually or in bulk and organize the order they will appear as simply as typing "1, 2, 3."

Add and edit subject information.

After an image is uploaded, you can add or edit subject information at any time. The information form for each image allows for such details as title, description, dimensions, date and price.

Thumbnails are automatically created.

When you upload an image, a thumbnail version of it is automatically created. The thumbnails will then appear in whatever gallery you assign them to and appear in the order that you specify. When a visitor clicks on a thumbnail, a large version if the subject will appear in a new window, complete with all of the details that you provide.

Small, medium or large? No need to decide.

In addition to thumbnails...small, medium and large versions are created for each image that you upload. The small images are often useful for displaying on other web pages...like a featured subject made to appear in a sidebar. The medium sized versions are meant for use on other pages outside of the Dynamic Galleries. When editing the content of your home page, for example, you can include an image from your gallery simply by selecting it from a list. The large version of each image is for more detailed viewing and will open in a new, properly sized window when a visitor clicks on any of the smaller versions.

Edit images after uploading them!

The image editing features included with Dynamic Galleries allow you to edit your images even after they are uploaded. Crop, rotate, adjust compression or any of the other classic qualities, like brightness, contrast, gamma and more. The various sized images of each subject can be edited all at once or individually specified. All editing is always done from the original image that you uploaded, so never fear degradation from repeated editing.

Essentially infinite layout options are included.

To make our Dynamic Galleries feature most suitable for your needs, we'll set up many default settings according to our judgment, based on our consultations with you. These default settings include how big each of the variously sized and automatically made images should be for each subject you upload or edit. There are also defaults for how many columns and rows of thumbnails appear on each gallery page...and whether they are displayed in columns at all...perhaps it would be better if they were staggered... Whether, how and where subjects are captioned is another feature that we will set up a default for so that each page of your Dynamic Galleries is displayed consistently to visitors.

BUT, you can change these default settings at any time you please in any way you please to achieve the affect you want. Make your thumbnails larger or smaller, defined by height, width or area. Display them in more or fewer columns, or stagger them so they don't appear in columns at all. Change whether, how and where captions for each subject appear. Again, we'll thoughtfully set all of this up for you from the start, but if you wish to adjust the look a little or a lot, all the features you need to do it are at your fingertips.

Gallery Home Page is included.

In addition to permitting the creation of as many individual galleries as you please, Art Sites' Dynamic Galleries feature also includes a Gallery Home Page. This page includes an overview of all your galleries and provides a friendly place for visitors to decide where to go next. The Gallery Home Page requires no duplicate management effort. It's kept up to date based on what galleries you create, what you name them, their descriptions, the images in them and whether you wish particular galleries to be publicly viewable.

Dynamic Galleries also provides a place to include links and/or contact information for other galleries that display your art. These can include other virtual galleries that display you art on the Internet or real-life galleries that show your art.

Comes with two content-complete galleries.

When you add the Dynamic Galleries feature to your website, we'll create two galleries for you that are filled with images of your art and relative information about each subject so that you hit the ground running. You just provide us with the raw images and pertinent information about them, and we'll do the rest.

You may then add, edit and delete galleries and images as you please...or have us do it for you. It's your art, and we want your galleries of art to look just the way you want them to look. We're just here to provide you with the tools or do the work as is needed in order to present your art as compellingly as possible on the Internet.

So many features. Here's an outline:

* Our use of the word unlimited refers only to the capacity of the Dynamic Galleries program to create as many different galleries as you please, each containing as many subjects as you please. The more galleries and images that you create, however, the more hosting resources you will use—and those kinds of resources are not unlimited. For a real-world sense of what such hosting limitations might be, the resources provided with a minimal hosting plan would typically handle a half-dozen galleries, each with 50 images without incurring overage costs. Double that, and the resources might cost another five or ten dollars a month. For such extra resource usage to become a concern, however, your website would have to be so large and successful that such additional resource costs would probably seem insignificant.

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