Add More Pages to Your Website

Our Extra Pages feature requires the Art Sites Web Presence Package. New pages can be added to your website at any time, and they will be seamlessly integrated with your website.

Simply tell us what page you want.

When you have an article or subject that deserves a page of its own, simply tell us and we'll make it for you. Each additional page is a sophisticated program in itself, and there is a small additional fee.

Your website theme remains consistent.

For a consistent appearance, each additional page uses the same design theme as the rest of your website. This feature helps to keep your site attractive, easily navigated and search engine friendly.

Add or edit content as you please.

Each additional page also comes with its own set of administration pages. These administration pages give you the freedom to easily control the content of additional pages in the same way as the pages included with your Web Presence Package.

While you are adding and editing the content of your new page, it can be made invisible to the public. Then, simply by clicking a checkbox on your administration pages, your new page will be included in the menus that appear on all pages of your website. You may also use any word(s) to represent the page in the menus that you wish.

Have us do the content, too.

To provide you with the widest range of options, both in economy and control of your content, our base fee for Additional Pages does not include having us add and optimize the page's content, itself. However, if you wish, we'll be happy to do that for you, too.

The Additional Pages described above are ideal if you need only add an additional page to your website now and then. If you foresee the need to add many additional pages, our 100's of Pages feature may be a better option.

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Art and Photography by Dan Rountree