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Nothing can increase traffic to your website and increase your rankings in the search engines like link popularity—that is, the number of other quality websites that include links to your website.

When negotiating with other websites to link to yours, it is often helpful to provide them with reciprocal links from your website to theirs. Negotiating links with other websites is a big subject, and offering a links page on your website isn't an end-all solution, but it can be a very important tool for drawing exponentially more traffic to your site.

Purposeful links pointing to relevant content can and should be added to every page on your website. Such links are the ones which are most valuable to whatever pages or websites are linked to. But a page dedicated to organizing contextual links of its own can be a very valuable tool in negotiating reciprocal links with others, increasing your ranking in the search engines and providing your visitors with more resources when they do come to your site, giving them more reasons to return.

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Pottery and ShoholaBells
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Pottery and ShoholaBells by
David Greenbaum