News Pages

What keeps visitors coming back to your website is offering new and compelling content for them to see. What better way to let visitors know what's new than to have news pages to let them know when you've added something new or are doing something new in the real world. And that's just what our News Pages feature offers. This feature makes it easy to post a paragraph or ten about new art added to your galleries or shows you plan to attend or whatever might seem newsworthy to visitors interested in your art.

Each news item that you add appears at the top of your News page, followed my a menu and/or brief introductions of previous news items. If you like, the first paragraph of the most recent news items can also appear on your home page in order to draw visitors into your website. Search engines also like this feature because they especially like websites that provide fresh, new content—most especially on the home page.

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Featured Artist:

by Marsha Silverman

Porcelain by Marsha Silverman