Show Calendar

If you display at many art shows, you can also have a calendar of shows on your website. Again, this could be done with even one of your sandbox pages, but our Show Calendar feature makes the maintenance of a such scheduled events almost effortless and it is surely the preferred alternative. The calendar permits you enter all the shows where clients can see your art, and it formats the information into nicely displayed pages for a consistent look. You can even include an any-sized picture with each listing—from your galleries, your computer or the Internet—and it will be automatically resized to fit the calendar format. When a show date is past, it is no longer displayed, so there's no need to manage that part of the calendar. Past show information isn't lost, however. You'll still be able to see past shows on your Show Administration pages, and if you plan to exhibit at the same show next year, simply change it's dates to next year, and it will again be displayed in it's proper place on the calendar.

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by Dixie Biggs

Woodturnings by Dixie Biggs