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Our 100's of Pages feature requires the Art Sites Web Presence Package. It includes all of the features of Additional Pages plus many more, very powerful benefits:

Create additional pages whenever you please.

This feature allows you to publish just what the name says. 100's of Pages lets you create Web pages on as many subjects as you wish. Simply type a name for the new page, click "Create," and there it is. Administration pages appear for the new page ready for you to add what content you please.

Organize pages hierarchically, four levels deep.

Like all of your other pages, new pages can be organized and made to appear on your main menu through simple operations on your administration pages. A very powerful additional feature, however, is that you can organize pages hierarchically, four levels deep in your menus, allowing subcategories of subcategories of subcategories of categories.

A site map is included.

When a website becomes very large, it's a good idea to include a site map. A site map is a page that includes links to all of your pages in one place and is organized to reflect the structure of your website. It's a convenience for visitors looking for an overview of all that you offer and it let's them easily skim through all the page titles to see what most piques their interests. And, not least, search engines love them, too!

Why? Content is king.

Why would you want so many pages? Aside from the direct benefits to you and your visitors if you have a lot of relevant stuff to say, providing extensive, compelling content is the most powerful website promotion tool there is. In the website promotion world, the maxim, content is king stands head and shoulders above any other. Search engines love to index websites with relevant content. What will cause them to give you higher rankings, however, is if many other websites with relevant content provide links to your site. And the best way to inspire others to offer such links is to offer rich, relevant and plentiful content, yourself. Content is king.

Why not?

Creating and maintaining so much effective content can be a daunting task—even with access to the tools that Art Sites provides for making it as simple as possible. 100's of Pages is a very powerful program that may be an unnecessary commitment if a few pages is all you need.

But, if you foresee the need for more than a dozen or so pages, altogether, it's a deal. It will let you make a website with hundreds of pages if you wish, and if you do it all yourself, the only additional cost to you would be nominal increases in website hosting fees due to the space that very many pages might consume on a Web server and the high visitor traffic that may be associated with them.

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Plein Air Art by John Larner