ArtSites Essentials for a Successful Website

Our Web Presence package is the foundation on which all Art Sites websites are built, and it can easily stand alone. Below are brief descriptions of what is included, followed by more details.

You will get a custom website design.

We'll work closely with you to create a graphic design that will appropriately represent your art. Next we'll build a structure for your site that will seamlessly integrate the graphic design with the planned content. This scheme that Art Sites follows will make it very easy to manage the content of your website and to tweak the overall design if necessary.

Your website will be accessible to all visitors.

At Art Sites we pay special attention to making your website look and work right for all visitors. One of the grand virtues of the World Wide Web is that information shared is intended to be accessible to users no matter what kind of computer or interface they use. Too often, however, this is not the case. Most users and even many Web designers have no idea how differently a website can look or work on different computer platforms. Art Sites does, and we will ensure that your website does, too.

Your website will meet W3C standards.

This may sound like Greek, but it's very important to ensuring that your website is forward compatible to Internet technology that is burgeoning on the horizon—much of which is already here today!

Five fundamental pages are included.

Your Web Presence package will include five pages for sharing the most essential information about you and your art. Four of these pages will be designed to contain as much copy and as many images as you deem appropriate.

Home (page) is where the heart is.

The heart of your website (at least from the public perspective) will be its home page. Based on interviews with you and other material that you provide to us, we'll ensure that your home page has professionally written and optimized content when your site goes online.

Introduce yourself with an artist's statement.

Second in essentials is your biography or artist's statement. This page helps visitors to better know you and your philosophy, leading them to better appreciate your art. When your site goes online, we'll also ensure that your biography or artist's statement page is rich with vital content.


The Web Presence package also includes a page where all of your contact information is made available to visitors. It will also have a form that allows visitors to email you directly from your website.

Play in your sandbox (pages)

You'll also get two pages that can contain any content that you please. When you are just getting started, these pages can be a good place to experiment with adding and updating content to see just how easy it is to do. But you can also rename them to anything you wish and make them a public part of your website.

Manage your own content: Administration.

Every page of your website also comes with a set of Administration pages that let you manage your own content. There are also administration pages that can be used to affect global changes in your website. Even if you retain Art Sites to do the major maintenance for you, your administration pages will let you make whatever little or large changes to your website that you please without having to communicate through a middle man or incur any additional fees.

What a pretty picture that is.

Image quality is especially important to visual artists, and the image editing features included with your administration pages are truly awesome. You'll be able to resize, crop, rotate, adjust compression and many other image qualities to perfection—all after you have uploaded the images and they are online.

Even our errors are pretty!

When visitors attempt to visit a page that doesn't exist or they try to pry into private areas of a website, most websites deliver cryptic error pages that splash across the screen like a slap in the face. But your website will include custom error pages that respond to such errors with helpful and friendly pages that are graphically consistent with the rest of your website.

Learn about your guests: Statistics.

A set of traffic statistics pages is also included. These private pages will let you keep track of how many people visit your website, where they came from and what pages were of most interest to them. This information can be useful for many reasons—especially for measuring the effectiveness of promotions.

Be safe and free: Backup.

For security, Art Sites makes regular, redundant backups of every website it manages. We also maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery program to ensure that your website can be recovered from even a worst case scenario. Still, it's nice that you will also be able to back-up and save your website to your own computer with only a two clicks of your mouse. This backup copy of your website can also be launched on virtually any Web server in a matter of minutes should the need or desire ever arise.

Making your website best in show.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are also included. SEO is a huge subject that requires extensive knowledge and much hands-on effort in order to achieve the highest success with the search engines. However, the copy editing features of your administration pages include fundamental SEO tools that will help you to keep your content focused and search engine friendly.

What a difference an icon makes.

We'll include an icon for your site. What's that? Every professionally done website should include a little picture called a "favorites icon." This specially formatted picture of your logo or some image to carry the motif of your art helps to identify your website in bookmarks and tool bars and such. Most Web surfers and even many Web designers (yikes!) seem not to be consciously aware of such things, but your icon will add an important, professional touch to your website.

You don't need to submit.

Directory and search engine submissions is another big subject, and we do manual submissions for each website that we develop—once it's online and everything is just right. Unless you really know what you are doing, we recommend that you do not do this yourself. (And absolutely do not buy into one of those "promotional" schemes that offers to submit your website to 2,000 search engines for $39 a month.)

You get all of this for a one-time fee.

Once your website is online, the Art Sites development model provides you with the means to maintain and manipulate your content yourself, for free. You are an artist, and it's only natural that you will want any medium that represents your art to be "just so." So we have created the tools that will let you do that with your website, simply and efficiently, as you please, when you please, with no additional fees.

Help is on the way!

Art Sites can also do as much post-production, maintenance and promotional work for you as you like or need. There may be additional fees for that, but whether or not you need or want additional services is always up to you. In any case, there is never a charge if you simply need help using and understanding any of the many maintenance and promotional features included with your website. We also have a growing library of helpful articles, tips and tutorials. Most of these have been written for private use by established clients, but more and more of them will be finding their way to the public pages of Art

Is this a foundation or a skyscraper?

While we regard our Web Presence package as the foundation for all of the other services that we supply, if you've done much shopping for someone to help you develop a presence for your art on the Internet, you may recognize that our foundation seems a veritable skyscraper when compared to the offerings of many others.

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