Why To Choose ArtSites Web Services

The Internet is overflowing with people who would like your business to design and maintain a website for you. Many of them are also very capable. What sets Art Sites apart from other Web developers is our focus on the needs of artists and the infrastructure that we have developed specifically to support you.

Art Sites provides an exceptional value.

It's no secret that specialized knowledge and skill in any field is the key to efficiency, and that efficiency is a cornerstone of value. That's the primary formula that Art Sites follows to provide such a high value to artists. Unlike many Web developers who may design a website for a real-estate company one week and a law office the next...and an artist's the next(?)...Art Sites focuses only on the needs of artists and has built an infrastructure to support you.

For only one example, back when Art Sites determined the kind of online image management features that we wanted to provide to artists, we first shopped around for some third party software that would do the job. After extensive research and negotiating, the best quote we could find was a license fee of $10,000. And even that did not include the exact features that we wanted. We ultimately determined that we would need to write our own program in order to provide the level of quality and value that is our mission. And that's exactly what we did. We created the software that does precisely what is needed to cater to our artist clients. The power of that software is now naturally included with every website that we develop.

Good, fast, cheap: pick two.

We live in a world where many grade-school kids can make a website in an hour or two and get an "A." There are also website hosting companies that include free website templates that let you "make a professional website for yourself in minutes," if only you purchase their hosting services for $10 a month. But what do you really get?

The old Hollywood maxim of "good, fast, cheap: pick two" holds as true for the development of websites as it does for the production of movies. If you want a website that is good and fast, it isn't going to be cheap. If you want it fast and cheap it isn't going to be good and is probably doomed from the start. If you want it good and cheap, be ready to invest years in learning how to make it good. The best way to mitigate the three choices is to have someone who has already invested years in developing the expertise to make good websites fast, and someone who specializes in the kind of website you want so that it is as economical for you as possible: Art Sites.

Art Sites doesn't make cookie-cutter websites.

Art Sites custom designs each website that it builds. The overall development model that we follow keeps the structure, graphic design and content of a website completely separate. These three are then integrated and delivered as a package in the milliseconds following a visitor's request for a particular "page" of the website. This model provides a great deal of freedom in the graphic design of a website and the maintenance of its content.

Some template or "cookie-cutter" websites may follow similar models. What makes template websites typically so inexpensive is that a relatively generic design is sold to many people (or given away as an incentive to buy some other service), amortizing the cost of developing the template over many customers. But these questions remain: how easy will it be to manage your content, and how effective will the website be for your purposes?

The previously mentioned infrastructure that Art Sites has developed specifically for artists has little to do with the structure or graphic design of a website. It's about easily managing the kinds of content that are most important to artists and presenting that content with effortless and effective consistency to your audience in a format that is most appropriate to your particular art.

In the end, these most important features that Art Sites provides to artists can be seamlessly integrated with practically any graphic design and tailored to match your personality and your art.

We complement the technical and aesthetic bents of artists.

Better artists must be profoundly adept with the technical aspects of their chosen media. Often, however, the unfamiliar nature of Internet media can cause much frustration. If that describes you, who could blame you? When your passion is your art and you are capable of turning mud into jewels or oils into icons or of finding a god inside of a block of marble, it can be hard to get very excited about pixels on a computer screen.

Still, you know that the Internet is an important place for representing and promoting your art, and Art Sites is here to make it as palatable for you as possible.

At Art Sites, we may be the ultra-techno-whizzes you would expect from programmers...and we are geeky enough to become easily mesmerized by a beautifully written computer program. However, we write our programs in an effort to hear artists say, "Wow, that's more like it," once they have experienced our services.

We also don't regard ourselves as artists, per se. We see Art Sites as more like a frame shop. We don't attempt to make websites that are literal frames, of course, but it makes a good analogy. Our mission is to use our expertise with the Internet medium to help bring focus and appreciation to your art.

This sets Art Sites apart from the rest. The Web development industry is loaded with technological wizards that we hold in awe for their technological expertise, but too often they tend to lack any aesthetic leanings At the other end of the spectrum, there is a similar number of awesomely talented graphic designers, but too often they seem to come from print backgrounds and have great difficulty understanding, embracing and getting the most from the Web medium.

There is a growing number of Web developers who exhibit combined understandings of the medium, its technologies and deliver aesthetically. Too often, however, their website designs become the center of attention rather than making the content the focus; the content being your artwork.

As time passes, more and more Web developers who do have it all together. However, they too often spread their talents over too many markets for them to deliver the highest level of service and economy to any one market. A few, however, have found their niches, focusing all of their attentions on just one market, permitting them to establish the highest standards in the industry for their field of expertise—and do it economically.

And that last describes Art Sites: Art Sites is for artists.

We understand your business.

To make a living from your art, you run a small business—probably a very small business. When you select a Web developer to build your website and to assist in building your business, you need one that knows what that's like. The last thing you need is a Web developer that is accustomed to dealing with clients that have corporate budgets, or worse: a kid fresh out of school (however talented) who has no real-life business experience at all.

Art Sites management has over 35 years experience operating small businesses. We understand the kinds of innovations that are often necessary to successfully operate on a shoe-string budget. However lucrative your art is for you at this stage of your life, we can surely identify with the business aspects that are involved. If you are on a tight budget, we'll do as much as we are able to help smooth the way for you so that soon you are not on that shoestring budget.

If you are already enjoying great financial success from your art, we deeply respect the time and heart and soul that has been required of you to achieve that. In any case, we'll advise which of our offerings might best serve you, and candidly tell you which of them might simply be throwing money away for your particular case.

We don't pretend to have all the answers. No one knows your business better than you do, but when the business aspects of your art necessarily come up in our conversations, you won't feel like you are speaking a foreign language when you deal with Art Sites.

We help to keep your website vital.

After your Art Sites website goes online, we don't walk away. Your website will include easy-to-use tools that will let you maintain and update it yourself if you wish, instantly and with no additional fees. Instructions are included at each step of the way in case anything seems a bit mysterious, and we are here to answer your questions if you need even more clarity. If you wish for us to do such updates for you, the same set of tools will make it so easy for us that we'll be able to keep it as economical for you as possible. See the Website Development Services pages for outlines of the many time and money saving features and options included with your Art Sites developed website—all of which help to keep it vital and alive.

We don't hide costs.

Art Sites respects your budget, and we will not throw you any curves when it comes to costs. Many Web developers may require a smaller initial investment from you in order to get your website online, but once you are committed, their pricing schemes often cost much more down the road. To make a familiar analogy, Web services are often marketed like razor blades: You buy a fancy razor at the supermarket for the bargain price of $3.00—only to later discover that refills for the razor cost $10.00! Art Sites doesn't market that way.

We also won't kid you that making and maintaining a successful website doesn't require a significant investment of time or money or both. Corporations don't invest millions in their websites simply for the fun of it. They do it because that's what it costs to get the results that they want. What kind of results do you want? If you simply want to be able to say that you have a website, you don't need Art Sites. You can get that for free, or practically free, somewhere else.

However, if you want results, Art Sites is here for you. And it's likely that we can help you achieve those results more easily and with less expense than other developers can because of our specialization.

Walk away when you want.

If you become dissatisfied with our services for any reason, we make it easy for you to go elsewhere. Many Web service providers use every trick in the book to lock you into their programs and make it very difficult for you to go elsewhere. Art Sites is exactly the opposite.

We've made it as easy as a two mouse clicks for you to back-up and save your website in a way that can be relaunched by virtually any other provider on a moment's notice. See our Self-Backup features for more details.

This is where our heart is.

Why do we do what we do for the market we've chosen? Because we love it! Our business philosophy is our life philosophy: Specialize in what you are passionate about, become very good at it, create a high value, and every moment invested in it is rewarding in itself. Financial rewards will naturally follow, but they are only a just consequence of the effort, not the primary objective. As an artist, can you identify with that? Let's do "business." Let's do art. Let's go!

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